About Local Demo Service

Local Demo Service started in 2015 serving local Hawaiian grown beverages at farmers markets to support inter-island sustainability. Hawaii imports approximately 90% of all consumable goods so our mission was to get local products into local peoples hands at all costs. Our local Hawaiian producers expressed a need for demos at grocery outlets so we began sampling Kau coffee, Big Island macadamia nuts, and other local Hawaiian products at Whole Foods and other health-food stores.

Entering the grocery industry, we found a lack of sustainable trends: Food travels approximately 1500 miles from farm to plate, Organic food sales only account for a mere 5.3% of the food sales in the United States as of 2017 , the vast majority of food packaging is not recycled, etc. These and other findings determined our direction as a business.

Our purpose is to support sustainably-focused products to build a more sustainable, forward-thinking food economy for a healthier population, environment, and world. Our goal is to represent any of the following types of products: local, Organic, recycled, charity-based, healthy, Fair-Trade, and/or other sustainably focused products.

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