Shivelight Shrub Teaser

The owner of Shivelight delivered a bottle of his Ginger Honey Shrub so we could offer a review. Though the product is touted as a mixer, we tried the bare product first to get a feel for what Shrubs are about. According to Chef Alton Brown, Shrubs originated in England where it was laced with Brandy. The American colonies replaced the brandy with vinegar.

After letting the bottles rest at room temperature, we poured the equivalent of a couple of shots in a small tumbler and drank about half with the first sip. Immediately, the sweetness of the honey was present, without being syrupy or overpowering. Moments later, the ginger perks up the taste buds, and a myriad of flavor notes from the honey and vinegar blossomed into a harmonious concert of sublime flavors. The heat of the Ginger is about what you would expect with a Bloody Mary mix, and lingers afterward for some time. All of our crew spontaneously reached for the remainder of the tumbler. That’s a good sign; We all wanted another sip!

The mouthful of the drink unmixed was similar to that of a craft Porter and an Auslese Riesling. Like the Riesling, this shrub managed to pull off the perfect balance of sweet and tart without being overwhelming in either case.

Because of the holidays and travel, we didn’t review the Shrub as a mixer. When we return home, we’ll give it a shot (pun intended); we will report back to you!

Blog to be continued..

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