Crafting a Tonic Taste

For 4th of July weekend, the Local Demo Service team spent time with guests, sampling some Shivelight Huckleberry and Cherry Shrub. With 3-4 simple additions, some excellent sodas and cocktails were made.

Starting with the Cherry Shrub: lime and sparkling spring mineral water were simply combined in a tumbler and served on ice, while some preferred enjoying this mix with spiced gin, others opted for a non-alcoholic soda. The tart charm of the cherry is a natural favorite for most first-timers. Cherries contribute additional body to the beverage, giving it more of a velvety mouthfeel. The mineral rich sparkling spring water amplified the flavor concoction (more than just regular water) with invigorating electrolytes. With the sweetness of the cherry, the sourness from the lime, the effervescent bubbles of sparkling water, and the bitter tones added by the spiced gin, guests were not expecting the shrub experience to be like this; Shivelight and Local Demo Service offer a uniquely exquisite take on refreshing fruity beverages.

The Huckleberry Shrub was prepared in the same way. After the first shrub cocktail and soda, everyone was asking, “Is that one for me?” pointing a finger at the glass holding the effervescent wild-crafted tonic. The cherry was a perfect build to the Huckleberry Shrub, being that it is a more commonly understood flavor. Guests were sharing the next Huckleberry Shrub Cocktail with their spouses and everyone agreed it was the best cocktail they have ever had.

If you are looking for a summer beverage, grabbing some Cherry or Huckleberry Shrub (or both!) from Shivelight, either at their website or at your local Pacific Northwest grocery store. Sandpoint locals can find it at Winterridge or Yokes. There are select locations in Spokane, WA; Coeur d’alene, ID; Portland, OR; Dallas, TX; And of course all around Shivelight’s hometown in Missoula, MT. They also just made an expansion into the state of Wyoming. Of other exciting news, a new partnership with Super1 Foods means you will see Shivelight Bev Co hitting their shelves in the next week or so. Now that they are distributed through UNFI in Auburn and Ridgefield, we hope to see them next in the Seattle market in stores such as PCC Markets, Met Markets, QFC’s, Central Coop, Thrifways, etc.

Thank you so much for listening and please let us know how your Shivelight Shrub experience was after reading this article!

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