North Idaho Pancake Review

Who doesn't love a healthy alternative to traditional breakfast (That makes you feel like you are still tasting delicious traditional breakfast)? That's right, pancakes can be Gluten-Free, Organic, with locally grown ingredients. Local Demo Service had a pancake morning serving up both Snacktivists Foods Gluten-Free Idaho-Grown Teff Pancakes and Savor Tooth Paleo's US-Grown Organic Pumpkin Seed Flour Pancakes. This was a really exciting experience as pancakes are the epitome of a great Sunday breakfast!

Both pancakes were quite delicious plain; plus they paired perfectly with some North Idaho huckleberry syrup, bananas, and a couple of sunny-side up eggs. For the Snacktivist Pancakes, think traditional homemade pancakes that are fluffy, buttery, with a nice crisp outside. For the Savor Tooth Paleo Pancakes, think rich, decadent, and airy.

Recommendations for Snacktivist vs. Savor Tooth Pancake Pairings:

  • Snacktivist: Pairs well with most syrups, fruits, and other breakfast staples. Snacktivist pancakes only require water and oil so they are Vegan, plus they are a kids favorite; so to all you parents, I’d recommend giving Snacktivist shot!
  • Savor Tooth Paleo: The extra nutty/seedy flavor pairs well with darker syrups such as traditional maple syrup or a black strap molasses. Add some walnuts, pecans, macadamias or your choice of nuts or seeds. Even a splash of bourbon and dark chocolate shavings complement these pumpkin seed pancakes!

Quite convincing? There are a few other reasons why you should review both of these companies. First off, local businesses and locally grown ingredients are hugely important reasons to decide who your buy your food and beverages from. Not only does locally grown food not travel as far, reducing the oxidization of the food and making it more nutritious, but it also leaves a lower carbon footprint. Savor Tooth ONLY uses US grown pumpkin seeds where pumpkin seeds, whether Organic or conventional, are usually imported from China. This heavily reduces the carbon footprint and increasing the nutritional profile of Savor Tooth Paleo’s products. Not to mention, they are Organic! Snacktivist on the other hand is using Idaho Grown Teff, which is a highly unique ancient grain predominantly grown in Africa. Teff is only one of the superfood grains that Snacktivist Foods uses, alongside Sorghum, Millet, Arrowroot, etc. These Ancient Grains are going to offer more nutrition, less stress on digestion, plus a wider variety of flavor profiles. Ancient Grains are usually Gluten-Free and less likely to be an allergin for consumers. Many of these grains will also offer solutions to food sustainability problems, such as water waste.

You will find both of these products in many stores throughout Idaho, Washington, etc. Here is a link to order pancakes from Snacktivist and then from Savor Tooth Paleo. Shoot us a message in the contacts if you have any questions regarding these two brands, where to find them, or about other local and sustainable food and beverage brands!

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