St. Petersburg's Sunny Culture Kefir Water Just Went Organic!

Local Demo Service got the pleasure of sampling out Sunny Culture’s Sparkling-Probiotic Kefir Water, that is brewed in Saint Petersburg Florida, at grocery outlets in the Orlando Florida area. Water Kefir is healthier and more sustainable than it’s more well-known milk-based kefir cousin. Since no animals are involved in the process, you can reduce animal cruelty and increase gut-health by purchasing and drinking this beverage. What we love most about Sunny Culture is that they just got their Organic Certification!

When you first try Sunny Culture, your taste buds will immediately pick up the smooth balance of effervescence and sweetness. Sunny Culture does not add sugar for sweetening, meaning after the fermentation process they do not add sugar, which most kombucha and kefir brands do. Since Sunny Culture is low in sugar, it is not overly sweet, and has a slight resemblance to a sparkling fruit tea. They have 4 flavors, each unique in their own regard, including Ginger, Hibiscus, Elderberry, and Blueberry. The Blueberry is the smoothest and most familiar in flavor, the Elderberry has a sharper berry tone than the Blueberry (if you have ever tried dried elderberries, you will taste the elderberry flavor note), the Ginger is the most distinct since it isn’t fruity like the others (think of a sparkling-caramelized ginger, in beverage form with an almost undetectable spiciness), and the Hibiscus is the most potent fruit flavor with a citrus undertone. Blueberry and Elderberry were smoothest whereas the Ginger and Hibiscus were most flavorful.

Many consumers cannot stand the vinegary flavor of kombucha, however, Sunny Culture does not contain this offsetting taste; making Sunny Culture the perfect introductory probiotic beverage for anyone who wants to get into health food but has a picky palette. Water Kefir is also less acidic and contains 3x the probiotics of kombucha. And in general, probiotics and other microbes have a positive effect on body weight, energy levels, and overall well being as indicated in articles by health experts like Dr. Mercola (Mercola also resides in Florida). This is why we, at Local Demo Service, support and consume many probiotic and fermented brands, with Kombucha and Kefir being two of our favorite probiotic choices.

Sunny Culture can be found in Lucky’s Market throughout the Saint Petersburg, Sarasota, Orlando, Naples, and Fort Myers areas; along with Whole Foods Tampa and Clearwater, Earth Origins Saint Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Oldsmar, Sarasota, as well as in other chain and single retail outlets and grocery stores. If you are local to Florida, or visiting and need a probiotic-pick-me-up, grab a bottle at the retailers listed on their website!

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