Keeping it Keto with Killer Creamery

It might seem counterintuitive to eat ice cream when there is snow falling from the sky; but it is impossible to resist a delicious ice cream that offers health benefits! Killer Creamery achieves both of those goals with their keto ice cream. By using medium-chain triglyceride oils (MCT’s), no added sugar (instead using monk fruit, erythritol and stevia), and adding additional superfoods like kale; Killer Creamery produces the best keto ice cream in the Pacific Northwest. Local Demo Service loves supporting local, so it was exciting to be introduced to Killer Creamery in Winterridge, our neighborhood natural food market in Sandpoint, Idaho. We turned their pint around and noticed that their business was based in Boise!

There are over 12 different keto-friendly flavors at Killer Creamery including “Brownie Points”, “No Judge Mint”, and “Salted KALEamel”. You can also get a sampler pack on their website to try a variety. We got the pleasure of trying the “Chilla in Vanilla” and “Peanut Blubber” flavors from Killer Creamery. Both were quite delicious but here were some of the key points about each individual pint:

Chilla in Vanilla: Classic, light, crisp, and sweet vanilla flavor. Slightly creamier than your average vanilla ice cream due to the fact that they use cream and do not add skim milk, other milk derivatives or water; which many other traditional ice cream brands use.

Peanut Blubber: Richer than the Vanilla and our personal favorite. If you like peanut butter or other full-bodies desserts, the Peanut Blubber is recommended. If you were to compare these to beer, the Vanilla would be like a silky-smooth porter where as the Peanut would be a richer-creamy stout.

So snuggle up by the fire and enjoy some Killer Creamery for a healthy and guilt-free treat! If you are looking to purchase some keto-friendly ice cream, you can find Killer Creamery in Winterridge, Fred Meyers, Safeways, Albertsons, My Fresh Basket, QFC’s, Boise Coop, and many other grocery chains across the Pacific North-West. For more information about Killer Creamery, send Local Demo Service or Killer Creamery an email or private message with your inquiry. And if you are interested in trying some samples, contact Local Demo Service to find out where and when their next sampling event will be.

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