Defeating the Status-Quo with Defiant Coffee

Local Demo Service looks towards the new year as an opportunity to set and achieve new goals. Luckily, we have discovered Defiant Coffee to fuel our efforts. Defiant Coffee is an organic coffee mixed with Superfood Mushrooms or Grass-Fed Collagen. Both of these options are a perfect New Year's resolution to supplement your daily cup of joe with nutritional value and motivation to succeed on the daily. Defiant’s brand is growing its distribution across the US and will be adding new products to the line; stay tuned for potential 2020 product releases!

Their Collagen Blend is perfect for maintaining overall health; Full of 19 amino acids, Grass-Fed Collagen is the key to post-workout recovery, anti-inflammation, healthy skin, and a youthful complexion. “Collagen is the most common type of protein in our bodies,” says Ariane Hundt M.S, Clinical Nutritionist and Fitness Expert. As we age, our human bodies produce less collagen so it is important to supplement with a quality collagen source like Defiant Coffee’s Certified Grass-Fed Collagen Coffee. Why not get your most important dose of amino acids in your morning coffee?

The Mushroom-Blend is our favorite product to watch gain traction in grocery stores, as the medicinal mushroom category is one of the fastest growing grocery categories in the US. Defiant’s Mushroom Coffee contains Lion's Mane, Chaga, and Cordyceps. Lion’s Mane has been shown to reduce amyloid plaque in the brain, reduce an individual's chance of having Alzheimer, and rebuild neurons. This mushroom is excellent for increasing memory and overall cognitive health. Paul Stammets, the leading scientist in mushroom’s medicinal qualities, consumes Lion’s Mane daily. Chaga is one of the most antioxidant rich foods on the market, helping to reduce oxidative stress, aging, and increasing your immunity to sickness and other ailments. Cordyceps, the final superfood mushroom that is in Defiant’s mushroom blend, is commonly used as an energy supplement. Cordyceps have also been shown to be anti-tumorous, anti-diabetic, and anti-cancerous.

More than anything, Defiant Coffee is built on the mission to help individuals who are trying to defy their bodies physical degradation and the misconception that the capability to achieve great things mentally, physically, and spiritually is only for the youth and the wealthy. Similar to the philosophy of Biohacking from Bulletproof Coffee, being Defiant means breaking the status-quo, stereotypes, average way of thinking, and ultimately prevailing the defeatist-mindset to accomplish any goals that may appear impossible. If you are looking to purchase Defiant Coffee you can find them in Winterridge, Natural Grocers, Pilgrims Market, Main Market Coop, and many other grocery chains across the Pacific North-West. For more information about Defiant Coffee, send Local Demo Service or Defiant Coffee an email or private message with your inquiry. And if you are interested in trying some samples, contact Local Demo Service to find out where and when their next sampling event will be.

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