OliPop, the Old-Fashioned Soda Pop with New Age Health Benefits

Olipop recently partnered with Local Demo Service to demo QFC’s grocery stores in the Seattle area. With a major expansion into the Pacific Northwest, Olipop is taking the United States by storm as the leading prebiotic beverage on grocery shelves and through e-commerce With fibrous-rich superfoods like Jerusalem Artichoke, Kudzu Root, and Cassava Fiber; Olipop is the ultimate beverage for feeding the good-healthy bacteria that saturate our gut flora. Fortunately, Olipop doesn’t add cane-sugar or high-fructose corn syrup to their sodas. With natural fruit juice and stevia, Olipop delivers that traditional soda taste we crave with ingredients that have long term benefits on our digestive health. Olipop sent us samples of these delicious flavors to review:

  • Vintage Cola is a modern rendition of an American classic. It kicks things off with a soothing, cinnamon forward flavor that makes for a pleasant and nostalgic taste. With a hint of green tea caffeine, it makes for an enjoyable early afternoon pick me up.
  • Strawberry Vanilla, the Local Demo Service team’s favorite, reminded us of old-fashioned strawberry cream sodas. This silky smooth prebiotic beverage was perfectly sweet, and complemented with a hint of strawberry zest.
  • Ginger Lemon proved to be customers' favorite during the Olipop demos. All of them were swooned by the sweet and tart zing of the lemon and ginger finish.

Olipop carries additional flavors that we hope to review soon! To complement the ideally balanced flavors are Olipop’s special blend of prebiotic ingredients. Prebiotics have been scientifically proven to support digestive health in many ways, including increasing the quantity of beneficial probiotic bacteria in the gut, increasing calcium and other mineral absorption, improving immunity, and decreasing pathogens. That’s why Olipop produced a unique combination of healthy and helpful prebiotics called OLiSMART, that you can find in all of their beverages. For more information on the health benefits of prebiotics, check out the “Learn” section of Olipop’s website.

If you are looking to purchase Olipop you can find them in Winterridge Natural Foods, QFC’s, Pilgrim's Market, New Seasons, and many other grocery chains across the Pacific Northwest. For more information about Olipop, send Local Demo Service or Olipop an email or private message with your inquiry. And if you are interested in trying some samples, contact Local Demo Service to find out where and when their next sampling event will be!

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