With Natural Brokerage's extensive network of buyers and merchandisers, we get your brand into stores across the Pacific Northwest and Nationwide swiftly.
Corporate Account Maintenance
With the best salesmen and women in the CPG industry, we ensure that every store within a corporate chain of stores knows who you and your brand are, and why they should be carrying your brand. Natural Brokerage will maintain your corporate accounts by calling on every store within a chain repeatedly to ensure your reorders are coming in and that brand doesn't end up in a back corner to collect dust and be discontinued.
Educational Demos
Natural Brokerage began as Local Demo Service back in 2015. We were the go to demo team for Huckleberry's Natural Foods of Rosauers, Whole Foods Market Hawaii, Yokes Foods, Super1 Foods, Natural Grocers throughout the US, etc. When Covid hit in 2020, we switched gears for the safety of our consumers and our brands. For this reason, we now offer educational demos without food samples to get grocery shoppers hooked on your brand. This is a more cost effective way to build a following, keep your accounts happy, and increase your sales significantly.
CPG Consultation
With over 8 years of CPG experience, we can guide you through the process from seed to tree of your CPG business. Helping with business planning, hiring, sales, marketing, supply chain, acquiring investors, distribution, etc.
Staffing Sales Positions
We have a team of sales professionals plus a network of experts to help you cover your sales and account expansion.
Product Demonstration
We can sample out your products in stores through our demo service. Increase sales, convert new customers, build relationships with buyers, merchandise your shelf space, attain photos, negotiate product shifts, and gain analytics through demo reports.
Tandem Demos
An affordable way to increase exposure and overall sales through shared demos.
Keep your displays looking professional! Send one of our specialists into the store(s) of your choice to stock the shelf, improve aesthetics, place orders, and report back on other details.
Marketing & Sales Consultation
Looking for other ways to market and sell your brand? Contact us for all of your marketing needs!
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